(National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys) 

Robert S. Bersch                                        *Rhona Levine

10 E Franklin Rd                                         Coleman & Massey, P.C

Roanoke,VA 24011                                    P. O. Box 1489

(540) 345-7400                                          Roanoke,VA 24007-1489

(540) 342-9311


 *V. Anne Edenfield                                         Debra Oehlschlaeger

2762 Electric Road SW, Suite C                 Shenandoah Building,Suite300

Roanoke,VA 24003-0524                          305 First Street SW

(540) 342-1527                                               Roanoke,VA24011-1983

                                                                                 (540) 345-8837


*Ann Green

Anderson, Desimone & Green                   GUARDIANSHIP ASSOCIATION

4923 Colonial Avenue                                  Ann Green

Roanoke,VA 24018                                       Anderson, Desimone & Green

(540)-776-6434                                              4923 Colonial Avenue

Roanoke,VA 24018                                       (540)-776-6434


Note:  This list is not intended as a recommendation; it just indicates area attorneys belonging to the above Professional organization who have a particular interest in this area of law.  When looking for one with knowledge of elder law or estate planning you may also wish to contact the State Bar Referral Service at (800) 552-7977 or your local Legal Aid Office in VirginiaLiving Will information can be obtained from the LOA Area Agency on Aging or local hospitals or nursing homes.


Blue Ridge Legal Services, Inc. – 344-2080 or 1-866-534-5243

132 Campbell Ave., Suite 300, Roanoke, VA 24011