Let’s Give Lunch

Let’s Give Lunch

June 22-26

The Local Office on Aging is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Our EIN is 54-0916248.

For 30 years, LOA has conducted our annual fundraiser, “Let’s Do Lunch,” to benefit Meals on Wheels. In a typical year, we help more than 8oo seniors live healthier and safer in their own homes because our amazing volunteers provide friendly visits, well-being checks, and more than 124,000 meals.

This event allows us to provide boxed lunches for sale to area businesses and individuals for a $15 donation. That $15 then provides three meals for seniors in need. While this powerful equation has not changed — it seems that virtually everything else in these challenging times has.

We can’t “do lunch” with friends and family like we used to.  And the safety and well-being of our staff, volunteers, and supporters is far too precious to jeopardize in any way — especially when our vulnerable and elderly patrons need our help and protection now more than ever.

Even during this historic pandemic, LOA is committed to continuing to provide all our critical services. We hold our staff and volunteers in such high esteem, realizing their tireless efforts. Many are doing “double duty,” willingly ready to unload deliveries, deliver emergency bag meals, Meals on Wheels and food boxes, as well as doing “pickups” wherever we can find supplies.

LOA was there before COVID-19, we are there fighting on the front lines now, and we will still be there once life returns to “normal.” But we need your help.

Let’s Do Lunch has truly never been about the meals we sell — it has always been in the spirit of giving. Many people have told us they buy the lunches even if they may not be in the office that day or already have a lunch meeting. For you, it’s about the meals it allows us to give to those who need them – not the ones you receive.

This year we are asking you a simple question. Will you help us and…Let’s GIVE Lunch?

Remember, a $15 donation buys three wholesome, healthy meals for those in need. But NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL – even $5. And if you can give more? Then we can give more back. This year, we may not fill your belly, but we can fill your soul as you share the blessings you have been given with others.

This virtual event will allow us to maintain social distancing and extend our time together beyond a single day. We are extending the event to a week with virtual lunch events each day and multiple ways to give. Visit our Facebook page the week of June 22 and join us online as we share a meal and also our thanks.


Exceptionally Grand Patrons

Terry W. Barnett

Stephen Bowery

Stuart Floyd

Diane Goode

Joyce Johnson

Sandra Henson

Northwest Hardware Company, Inc.

Douglas F. Powell

Roanoke Gas Company

Debra Sinko

Vinton Baptist Church Members


Very Grand Patrons

Steve and Kathy Arle

D. Elliott Bayer

Richard J. and Lucy M. Blankenship

Carol P. Butterworth

Elaine Hill Caudill

Anne M. Cepeda

Agnis Chakravorty

Clifford and Dixie Chittum

Thomas M. Clower, Jr.

Galen and Laura Connor

David Dehoff & Circe Cooke

Aubrey Damron

Joseph and Ray Freud Foundation

Carol Gentilini

Hugh T. Hall

Harvest Ministries

Jennie S. Murdock

David and Gay Holmes

Innovage PACE

Glenn and Sandra Lowe

Aretha Murray

David and Faye Nova

OPN Law Firm

Carol W. Pruner

Diane Strickland

John and Ann Williams

Young Disciples Sunday School Class – Thrasher United Methodist Church

Grand Patrons

Debbie Adams

Terry and Elaine Altizer

Diana and David Anderson

Linda Angrove

George Arnold

Jerry H. Ballengee

Edward Barnes

Laura Benjamin

Bonsack United Methodist Church – Disciples Class

Botetourt Town and Country Women’s Club

David Bowers

Laura Bowling

Lee Brooks

Nancy Brossoie

Holly Brown

Richard and Gloria Burleigh

Frank and Jacqueline Bussey

Sam and Brenda Camden

Susan Catron

Anita Chapman

Louise Clendenen

Cloverdale Church of the Brethren Women’s Fellowship

Alta W. Conner

Patricia Cox

Thomas and Patricia Crockett

Steven and Lorraine Cunningham

Jim and Nancy Curry

Ruth Dailey

Larry E. Deal

Flax Dellinger

Ethel L. Dickerson

Gerald and Alma Lue Eden

David Eells

Dorothy Eller

Robert and Bonnie Elliott

Evergreen Development Company

Lynne Farmer

Gale Feather

Joseph Feather

Ray Ferris

William H. Fralin, Jr.

Gregory Freeman

Fort Lewis Christian Church

Sandy Garden

Thomas and Beth Garland

Judith Gearing

Melanie Graczyk

Darlene Graham

Grand Storage of Vinton

Linda S. Greene

Marie and Ganiel Gregory

Joyce Griffin

Ed and Deanna Gordon

Chip Hairston

Charrol Hall

Thomas Hall

James S. Hansbrough

James T. Harman

Nadine S. Harris

Ryan Harris Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

Dr. William K. Harris

Jennifer Hartman

Connie Hash – MKB Realtors

Thelma Haynesworth

Daphne Hedrick

F. Staley Hester, Jr.

Rhonda Hill

David B. Holmes

HSH Insurance

Jim and Dixie Huff

Mary Alice Hutcherson

Invision – Salem

Stephen L. Jamison

Jimmy and Gloria Jennings

John M. Oakey Funeral Service

Phillip Johnson

Briana Jones

Daniel Jones

Lubeth Jones

Sandra and Jerry Jones

George Kegley

Judy and H.B. Kelley

David Kembel

Kennard-Pace Co., Inc.

Dick Kepley

Bernice King

Linda King

Laureate Beta Delta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sororiety

Michael C. Lee

Tony and Gini Lefkowicz

Barbara Leweke

Charles Leslie

Luther and Irene Light

James Lindsey

Ellie Long

Ed and Nancy Lunsford

Diane L. Machado

Magic City Ford

Cary and Jeanne Mangus

Sally McGuffin

Beverly Oliphant-Martin and John E. Martin

Deidre Martin

Carol Mattox

Robert McNichols

Rodney and Norma McNeil

Ruth and David McWilliams

David and Ann Miller

Mark Miller

Mike and Dru Miller

Ron and Nancy Miller

Frances C. Mills

Donald Minnick

Nadine Minnix

Aimee Montes de Oca

William U. Moore, DDS PLLC

Steve and Billie Sue Musselwhite

MW Construction Company

National Association of Railway Business Women

National Pools of Roanoke

Crystal Neathawk

Virginia B. Newcomb

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Nottingham

Virginia Owens

Roger Pearson

Barbara J. Pendergrass

Diana Perkins

Karen Petri

Cynthia Plain

Paula Prince

Janice Phillips


Herm and Sue Reavis

Kathleen Riberio

Berkley Riley

Helen Robinson

Nancy Robison

Judith Rumford

Charles B. Ryan

Susan C. Sadjadi

Pat Sales

Dave Saunders

Stan Seymour – Bojangles

Jacqueline Shuck

E. Diane Simmons

Edith M Smith

Freda Smith

Kathleen A. Smith

William and Charlotte St. Clair

Mollie Stanley

Susan Stultz

Kenneth Stump and Barbara Shutt

Sunshine Sunday School Class

Taylor Financial Group, Inc.

Mary W. Teass

Susan G. Teass

Patsy Testerman

Thrasher Memorial Bible Study Class

Thrasher Memorial Tuesday Night Disciple Class

Thrasher Memorial Wesley Class

Marshall D. Vaughan

Lynnis B and Cynthis F. Vernon

Vistar Eye Center

W. C. Butler Heating and Air Conditioning

Thomas Whitt

Pam Wiegandt

Joyce E. Williams

Susan B. Williams

Valerie Williams

Alice J. Willingham

Michael Womack

Jim and LuleBelle Wood

Janet Wynot

Nancy Yost


James A Adkins

Leonard Allen, Jr.

Lindsay Alls

A Shear Experience

Suzanne Ashford

Cheryl Baptiste

Teresa Barnett

Sarah L. Bass

Kathy Bibb

Molly Blankenship

Donna and Jim Brogan

Stephen Boyer

Debra Burgess

Ronald Callahan

James and Nancy Childress

Gloria Clark

Connie Clingenpeel

Dee Copenhaver

Carol N. Crockett

Raymond G. Cobb

Thomas Dalzell

Don and Merlene Davis

Brandi Dawson

Dennis and Jan Dickens

Debra Dickerson

Joseph and Sharon Duckwall

Jeannine Eddleton

Doug and Mattie Forbes

Steven and Kathleen Goldstein

Gospel Girls – Fellowship Community Church

Tina Griffin

Beth and Robert Guers

Janice Hall

Jenny Hamlen

Rebecca Hamlen

Russell Harbaugh

Judith Harmon

Sue M. Harris

Lois Sue Hash

Judith Haskins

Genevieve Henderson

Chris Henson

Betty Heptinstall

Joyce Hile

Forrest Hodge

Penny Hodge

Savanna Hodges

Donna Hoffman

Gail Holbrook

Hannah Holladay

Tony Holland

Helen T. Johnson

Eric Jones

Janet Jones

Larry R. Jones

Nancy and Dan Karnes

John Katon

William R. Kelley

Emily Keyser

Eleanore Lachniet

Rachel Lawhorn

Charles Lockerby

Sara and Bill Logan

Susan D. Lynn

Michael and Maribeth Madonna

Buenaventura G. Manalo, Jr.

Debra Marshall

Gwen and Bill Mason

Shirley McDonald

Louise L. Miller

Joyce W. Morgan

Linda Naff

Dale S. O’Dell

Outdoor Power Equipment

William and Peggy Overstreet

Margaret and Ralph Orr

Hope Patsel

Tracie Patton

Joanne S. Peery

Matti Peery

Stacy Poore

Bethany Price

MaryLouise Puritz

Gladys Roberts

Thomas W. Roe

Marya Rowan

Mary Sadler

Brenda Satchell

Carol Savo

Angela and Dharamdeo Sawh

Gregory Shelton

Larry and JoAnn Shepherd

Steven Silcott – Re/Max Salem

Beth C. Simmons

Jennifer Sink – Edinburgh Square

Patricia Sink

Colleen C.Y. Smith

Louise Snapp

Harriet Snead

Rachel Spencer

Amber Spikes

Judy Stokes

Mary Surratt

Linda Melissa Suters

Betty G. Tate

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thurman

Denny and Sandy Troth

Deborah Ullmer

Virginia Building Services

Kathleen Von Appen

Darden and Sylvia Wade

Deanna Womack

Carolyn Ward

Christine Werner

Eugene C. and Betty W. White

Mitzi Willingham

Robbie Wyrick

  • Event Time: 12:00
  • Location: Online
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