The following information is available from LOA. Below is a description of each item and the postage cost.

2016 Virginia Medicare Supplemental Insurance Premium Comparison Guide:  A shoppers comparison of prices for Medigap insurance sold in Virginia. $3.10

2016 Choosing a Medigap Policy: To supplement the original Medicare plan, 6 easy steps to buying a Medigap policy. $3.10

A Buyer’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance:  Understanding long-term care insurance options that can help you pay for nursing home and assisted living services.  $2.15.

Qualified Medicare Beneficiary & Special Low Income Medicare Beneficiary: Information on help in paying Medicare out of pocket expenses for some low-income persons. Send self-addressed, stamped envelope with $1.00 postage.

Medicare and You 2016: A comprehensive guide explaining Medicare benefits, Medicare plan choices and where to call for help. $3.10

America’s Health Guide for Seniors and Caregivers: valuable information and pages for medical history, health exams and screenings, medical visits, and medications prescribed, $1.50 postage.

Please request each item by name and send to:
Local Office on Aging, Inc.

P.O. Box 14205
Roanoke, VA 24038-4205

The publications and many others are also available FREE by stopping at our office at 706 Campbell Ave, SW, Roanoke.